Organic Items

The White Astogram Cheese


Ashtagram, the famous upazila of Haor in Kishoreganj, is famous for its white cheese (Poneer). The tradition of making cheese here is quite old. For 300-350 years, they have maintained this tradition of making cheese only on their own initiative. From Bangabhaban to the Prime Minister’s Office or the country’s elite five-star hotel, white cheese from the popular Ashtagram Poneer is everywhere. Currently 12-15 familes in the Upazilla are engaged in producing this exquisite delicacy.
Price: 1200 Tk / KG

Pabna Gawa Ghee:

Famous Ghee from Pabna Lokkhe Mishtanno Bhandar. Near a century old tradition and continuing for 3 generations of producing the finest Ghee and dairy products.

Price: 1600 Tk / KG

Sundarbans Honey:

Demand for natural honey from Sundarbans is always there. Pure honey is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of honey from the Sundarbans.

Natural honey means honey collected from beehives. The Mouals go deep into the Sundarbans to collect natural honey. It can be collected at different times of the year but the best time is February to April. To collect honey, the Mouals travel in different boats in search of chak in the depths of the forest. Sundarbans honey contains more khalisa flower extract. This honey is very thin and delicious. But when it gets a little old, a little smell can come to the nose. In this case, applying mild heat removes this smell.
Price: 800 Tk / 500gm